The Undercover Chef

“Where did you train to be a chef?” a woman asks me. It’s our first time working together and she’s never seen me in the kitchen before. I’m completely blown away by the fact that she thinks I’m some kind of professional chef. “Nowhere” I respond, trying to hide the fact that I’m so flattered. […]

Uppsala’s Wild Heart – By Alexander Hibberts

The city of Uppsala, and its immediate surroundings, are brimming with sites of stunning natural beauty. At times only a little more than ten minutes cycle ride from the city centre, these sites of seclusion and quiet can provide a haven away from the busy lives of the city’s inhabitants, students and local residents alike. […]

Valborg 2019 – Expectations vs Reality – By Lucie

Since the very first sunny August day I came to Uppsala, I’ve been welcomed with the phrase: “Beware, winter is coming.” Everyone has warned me about the Swedish winter and how tiresome it may be. However, in the same breath they added: “Wait for the last of April, it’s worth it to outlast the winter […]

Welcome to Sweden – By Simarjit

Valkommen till Sverige! ‘College life’, like most people, I was looking forward to it. Pictures of students sitting in the park on a sunny day just hanging out with no worries of the world. Some of you reading this blog might be planning to come to Sweden for their University education, some of you may […]

An Ultimate Weekend Guide – By Lucie

Imagine this scenario: your family is coming over to Uppsala for a visit and they have entrusted you (as their Swedish expert) to prepare a program for the weekend. Your task is clear – to amuse them and show them the beauty of Sweden. Don’t get me wrong, Uppsala is a wonderful city and there […]

Unexpected things about Valborg 2019 – By Huiyu

Everything starts from a window view. A window of building 34 Rackarbergsgatan (near one of the main event locations, Ekonomikum Park) broadcasts a non- stop live streaming for 2019 Valborg. Standing in front of this window, I had observed the city from the preparation from 26 April to the beginning of getting crowded on 30 […]

Sympathy for the thesis writers – By Rhianna

Often my study group and I sit at the round table, like the knights of King Arthur, deciding how best to slay the thesis dragon. Our ideas as our best swords, our peers and their feedback our shields, our supervisors as our guides and trainers. We have committed to our battles. I love a good […]

How to Make a Swedish Sandwich Cake (Smörgåstårta) – By Müge

Hej guys, this is already my second semester here in Uppsala; time literally flies! As time goes by, I become more and more into amazing Swedish cuisine. Luckily, Swedish people are very friendly and they like teaching anything about their culture. So, I have been sticking around my Swedish friends to learn some new recipes. […]

Chasing childhood dreams – By Lidewij

Are international students known for spending their weekends exploring the country? It seems that we have gotten quite a reputation and I mean, why not? I am here, in Sweden, in a country that always have spoken to my imagination: glaciers, trees covered in snow, hats of fur, the typical Scandinavian houses, frozen lakes, and […]

The infamous nordic winters are actually not terrible – By Aishvarya

Most people, especially the new international students I encounter, dread the long, dark and gloomy Swedish winters. Totally understandable. No one looks forward for total dark times where just a glimpse of the sunlight feels like a blessing. Life goes on; seasons come and go; the natural order follow. Human’s extraordinary capacity to adjust is […]

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