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Supermarkets: Where To Go – By Adolfo Canales

Hello again everyone, this time I wanna talk to you about one of the common things here in Uppsala if you are a foreign student, doing grocery. There is a big debate about which supermarket have the best prices, and of corse when you are an international student you try to save as much money […]

How to celebrate Christmas like a Swede – By Jorja Zambars

Christmas in Sweden is a magical time of year. While it may be dark and cold outside, inside spaces are decorated to be warm and cosy and festive. Hopefully there will even be a layer of thick white snow covering the ground, making Sweden look like a magical winter wonderland. Although Christmas is primarily a […]

Friends With Benefits: Brexit Edition – By Rhianna Rees

Sweden has a unique global attitude to education that not many other countries share. I mean, it’s huge. Fantastic. The most fantastic thing you’ve ever seen in your life, believe me. They have free education, not only for themselves, but for everyone in the EU and EEA. They even have government subsidies and scholarships for […]

Taco Friday – By Adolfo Canales

Without any doubt, one of the most surprising things that I came up when I first arrived to Sweden was this tradition of “Taco Friday”, were a lot of people try to eat tacos on Friday, yes what a guess!  It was surprising in two ways, on one side I did not expect to find […]


Dear You, I have thought long and hard about my next post and how I could express myself in such a way that it would matter. So, I decided to write you this open letter. Words have been an outlet for me and I earnestly hope that as you read this, it helps you as […]

The Singing Swedes – By Emily Atkins

Åke Daun, a respected former professor of Ethnology at the University of Stockholm who sadly passed away earlier this year, spent a decade of his life researching the people of Sweden for his book, ‘Swedish Mentality’. His conclusions? That Swedes are “socially closed”, “spiritually empty” and, put simply, “dull”. Now, you might be wondering where […]

Innovation day 2017-2018

Innovation, a new method, idea, product et. I found the definition in the Webster Dictionary, don’t be fixated by such serious explanation. In my dictionary, innovation is more fun to embrace with. Last year, when I decided to participate the EIT health innovation day, it is more curiosity to learn, to exchange way of thinkings, […]

The first Gasque – By Rhianna Rees

The Swedish traditional ‘Gasque’ roughly translates as ‘Formal Student Party’ usually involving a three-course themed dinner. You can expect good food, formal attire, speeches and, most importantly, songs. Most Gaques are followed by a ‘Släpp’ an afterparty with a dancefloor with a DJ, occasionally until 0400. Alternatively, there is also a ‘Ball’ which is more […]

WINTER IS HERE!! – By Oluwafisayomi Adesina

Leaves turning orange, falling off their branches in slow rhythmic sways, I imagine they are dancing to Beyoncé’s “I Was Here”. Landing on the gravelled ground with a sense of fulfilment. I spot a squirrel just in my path running off with a nut. My first encounter with one. Oh my, I think I just […]

Top tips for bike owners

I’ll start with a story: In my first week, I went to the house of someone who was selling me a guitar he had advertised on Uppsala Buy & Sell. Happy with my purchase I took the guitar and went on my way, but as I was leaving he asked, ‘do you need a bike […]

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