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Adventures in Packing, and Other Stories – By Anders Kemppainen

Early on, when my age just reached double digits, I became fascinated with a particular painting. It was alive,a scene in motion. It was also a little morbid. It is titled Valdemar Atterdag holding Visby to Ransom, 1361 or Valdemar Atterdag brandskattar Visby den 27 juli 1361. How do you pronounce that? No one knows. […]

Graduate Studies in Sweden: Seven Common Myths – By Margaret McIntyre

Like many students in their final year of university, I was faced with what seemed like the fork in Frost’s famed divergent road: finding gainful employment (good luck!) or applying to graduate school.  The latter option, for me, felt most natural, since I’m one of those slightly odd people who loves conducting research and analyzing […]

On my way to Uppsala – Kanishk Kumar

How I ended up with the decision to pursue my Masters: It was during my last year of undergraduate studies in 2016 that I decided it was time, time to decide what I want to do in future and as a teenager its not at all easy. Indian families and parents have very high expectations […]

How to experience a classic Swedish Midsummer

Like Christmas, Easter and Valborg, Midsummer is one of the most significant days in the Swedish calendar. For many, it is the most loved holiday, and is celebrated enthusiastically all over the country by young and old alike. Like the other holidays I mentioned, Midsummer is recognised on the evening preceding Midsummer Day. Given Sweden’s […]

(Ex)Change – By Gabrielle Ingenthron

Change can be scary. There’s no doubt about that. But the thing is, sometimes change is exactly what you need. Starting over can be intimidating – but it brings you a healthy dose of fear, mixed with excitement and opportunity. Uppsala was exactly the change I needed in my life. It worms its way into your […]

How to: Pack for Sweden – By Erika Loggin

My room looks like a natural disaster has hit. Maybe a tornado, if tornados were made of winter clothes, English books, never-used rain boots, and postcards from half a dozen countries. And in the middle of it all sits my trusty blue suitcase, which seems to have mysteriously shrunk over the past semester. I remember […]

Ingefära: the Flogsta wonder kitty – By Lucie & Adrianna

Living in Flogsta equals many things. In the mornings you join the biking crowd in the run to the University. Midday, you search for free washing machines as the possibility of finding one is the highest. In the evening you carefully step outside and listen where the nearest party is happening. However, at any time, […]

Swedish unspoken rules and codes – By Jackson

They say when in Rome do as the Romans do, so here are a dozen do’s and don’ts you need to learn as you come to Sweden. Observe the 1-meter bus stop rule Swedes in particular have space rules. While at the bus stop its hard to find people next to each other unless they are couples […]

Grocery Jeopardy – By Michelle Ochsner

ICA is one of the grocery store chains in Sweden, and arguably the most popular amongst students. During your first few days in Uppsala as you begin to settle in, you’ll probably get hungry, and need to make your very first trip to your neighbourhood ICA. My first few trips to ICA were a lot […]

Student Accommodation: Rackarbergsgatan – By Su Fang

Ahhh yes, Rackarbergsgatan. Also known as Rackarberget (if you’re referring to the area that it’s in, pronounced “racka-berry-it”), “Racka-something” (if you’re an exchange student who has just arrived and have no idea how to pronounce that beast of a word), “Rackies” (if you’re Australian), or just plain “Racka” (when you’ve given up).      Location: Hands […]

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