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Nation Songs and their Meaning – By Layla Koch

If you are a student in Uppsala and sociable to an average extent, you are most likely member of one of the 13 student nations. And if you like devouring good food, pretending to be fancier than you are, and drinking too many different alcohols, chances are high you have also attended either a gasque […]

Far, far away in Uppsala: Time to consider a Master’s degree – By Horacio

Studying will always be one of the most profitable investments we can make. Undoubtedly doing a master’s degree can expand your unique abilities and open doors even in unique places where you could never have imagined arriving. That was my reasoning when I carry out the decision that it was time to ambition more! My […]

Dag Hammarskjöld lecture 2018 – by Rhianna Rees

“Do everything you can, you are citizens of your country… Sweden remains a strong pillar of multilateralism”  Undoubtedly, one of the most famous professionals with ties to Uppsala is Dag Hammarskjöld (1905-1961). Famous for his unyielding service as the second UN secretary General from 1953 until his death, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, […]

Autumn Fatigue in Uppsala – By Anne

Time flies. I have already been in Uppsala for eight weeks! Summer turned into autumn – and what an autumn it’s been so far! If you are living in Uppsala, you know what I am talking about. Otherwise, just look at those pictures in the header…  There is only one problem. And it is not […]

Moving Abroad by Yourself – By Camilla

Right before I left Italy to move to Sweden, a friend of mine told me she would be extremely scared if she were to do the same, and she asked me how I could be so calm about such a massive change in my life. The first reply that came to my mind at the […]

What to do on a Sunny Day in Uppsala – By Müge

“Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder!” There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes, Swedes believe (!) . However, Sweden is cold most of the time for us — foreigners. So, the weather becomes a quiet important topic in a daily life conversation, even it is usually the most convenient way to […]

Mamma Sverige – By Fleur

Dear parent, Having your kid leave home and moving north, all the way to Sweden. For most parents: a huge step. Your child has most likely never been so far away, for so long, on its own. Now who will take care of him/her? No worries, once landed in Sweden, your child will get a […]

What to do when you’re homesick – By Yen

Sweden is absolutely a nice country to live and study – being so organized and peaceful, having well-preserved beautiful nature and pursuing an awe-inspiring sustainable living system. But it also means that Sweden is totally different from Vietnam – my home country. The tranquility in Uppsala reminds me of a busy, messy, crazy, crowded city – […]

Swenglish – By Layla Koch

Swedes are, undoubtedly, very good at English. In fact, Sweden is the fourth best country worldwide in terms of non-native English skills following Norway, the Netherlands, and Denmark according to Education First. However, to err is human, even among Nordic countries. The funny mistakes Swedish native speakers make in English have coined the term ‘Swenglish’ […]

The first weeks at Uppsala University: Diving into the student life – By Anne

Coming to a new place where you do not know anybody or anything can be hard. You have to adjust to a new town, you have to organize so many things (Hello campuscard!) and maybe you experience language problems. But these first weeks are so exciting as well, filled with new people and thousands of […]

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