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Guided tours to Gripsholm and Linnaeus Hammarby – By Adolfo Canales

A day in Gripsholm Castle. Gripsholm Castle, is located in Mariefred, Sodermanland, not very far away from Uppsala, in front of the castle you can find a lake called Malaren, just about 60 kms west of Stockholm.  Since the King Gustav Vasa, Gripsholm has belonged to the Swedish Royal Family, and it was used as […]

Things that surprise me in Sweden – By George Roussos

Ok, so, here’s the thing; I come from a small, Greek country, where nothing is taken for granted in terms of working. And by nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. This can range from cell phone service, to actual services, like being serviced in a queue. Train schedules exist, also, just for the sense of the […]

Uppsala’s International Students Orientation Week – By Diego Castillo

One week prior to the beginning of classes, the International Committee (IK) and the Student Nations arrange a large number of activities with the goal of welcoming international students to Uppsala. These activities are a great opportunity to get to know the city, culture, meet new friends, and of course, learn more about the Student […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Fika – By Erika Loggin

Working at the nations – By Arindam

It is that time of the year when the buzz and vibrancy of Uppsala returns with the arrival of new and old students after the long summer break. One place which takes centre stage in any student’s life in Uppsala is a student nation. If Uppsala was Twitter, then the words ‘Student-nation’ would most certainly […]

The First Four Days – By Rhianna Rees

I arrived in Uppsala less than a week ago and I’ve had to get accommodated quickly! Day 1: Landed in Arlanda Airport and tried to buy a train ticket from inside the airport. No luck, the machines only sell tickets to Stockholm. Once outside the airport I found a tourist helpdesk, they directed me to […]

Letting Go is part of Moving On – By Daniel Kelly

August will see me pack up my bags and hop on a flight to Sweden. Naturally, this move requires slimming down the wardrobe and being selective in terms of what to put in the suitcase. Studying Sustainable Management, where better to start managing sustainably than in your own life. I’ve had clear outs over the […]

Adventures in Packing, and Other Stories – By Anders Kemppainen

Early on, when my age just reached double digits, I became fascinated with a particular painting. It was alive,a scene in motion. It was also a little morbid. It is titled Valdemar Atterdag holding Visby to Ransom, 1361 or Valdemar Atterdag brandskattar Visby den 27 juli 1361. How do you pronounce that? No one knows. […]

Graduate Studies in Sweden: Seven Common Myths – By Margaret McIntyre

Like many students in their final year of university, I was faced with what seemed like the fork in Frost’s famed divergent road: finding gainful employment (good luck!) or applying to graduate school.  The latter option, for me, felt most natural, since I’m one of those slightly odd people who loves conducting research and analyzing […]

On my way to Uppsala – Kanishk Kumar

How I ended up with the decision to pursue my Masters: It was during my last year of undergraduate studies in 2016 that I decided it was time, time to decide what I want to do in future and as a teenager its not at all easy. Indian families and parents have very high expectations […]

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