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The infamous nordic winters are actually not terrible – By Aishvarya

Most people, especially the new international students I encounter, dread the long, dark and gloomy Swedish winters. Totally understandable. No one looks forward for total dark times where just a glimpse of the sunlight feels like a blessing. Life goes on; seasons come and go; the natural order follow. Human’s extraordinary capacity to adjust is […]

Northern Lights! – By Johan

If I say the words “northern light” what do you think about? You think about this kind of green waves in the sky that you saw in picture or video. If you are a normal person then you should find these so beautiful that you absolutely want to see it at least one time in […]

Make your fika even more Swedish: traditional Swedish pastries – By Masha

Almost everyone who comes to Sweden knows what Swedish fika is. However, not everyone is familiar with typical traditional Swedish pastry (cinnamon buns don’t count!). Here is a small guide to traditional Swedish sweets you can (or even must) try during the next fika. Punschrulle Punschrulle is a small cylindrical sweet which is made of […]

Gasques and what they’re like – By Huiyu

Those good and bad things you will never know about GASQUE only until you try it by yourself. For new exchange students in Uppsala Uninversity, going to one GASQUE is always on the must do list. From the international Gasque to other several variations hosted by student nations, it is almost impossible not to be […]

Skiing in Åre – By Anne

Do you want to go skiing in Sweden? Travel to Åre! This teeny tiny town in Jämtland, northern Sweden, has the biggest alpine skiing region in the country. By the way, the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships were just held in Åre, so maybe you have already seen the slopes on TV. Half of my […]

Be careful with the kiss on the cheek! (French advice) – By Johan

Bonjour! Let us imagine a situation. You are a French student who just arrived in Sweden, more precisely at Uppsala. You are very happy to be here, you have heard that Swedish people are very cool and that Swedish women are beautiful, so you can’t wait to meet Swedish people. Fortunately, the different nations allow […]

People of Uppsala #1: Dag Hammarskjöld – By Lidewij

Let me introduce Dag Hammarskjöld to you Part #1 in the series “People of Uppsala” Although Uppsala is not too big of a city, it has produced quite some remarkable people. They walked on the same streets as we did, or have lived in close proximity to our corridor student homes. Some of them have […]

Adventure in Uppsala libraries – By Huiyu, Chuang

What you can do in Uppsala libraries are more than academic study If you come from the places southern than Sweden, the first challenge of your adaption in Uppsala around this season is definitely the cold. Just check the weekly temperature on the weather forecast(minus 7 to 11, minus 16) or take a glimpse at […]

Working in the Nation as an International Student – By Layla Koch

Hej, Welcome to a new semester in this beautiful town of ours, which offers so many opportunities to everybody who is ready for adventures, new friends, and cold nights. My name is Layla, I am an exchange student, and just five months ago I was in the exact same situation as all of you newcomers. […]

Tagged for Christmas Time? – By Anne

It’s Christmas time! Are you also looking forward to candles and Christmas trees and presents? When I first came here, I missed out on a few Swedish traditions, just because I did not know about them. That is why I am sharing my Christmas time bucket list with you this year. This is what I […]

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