Month: April 2018

Adventures through southern Sweden – By Pau

What a better way to enjoy Easter break than travelling? From March 28 to April 3, I joined my French friend to a trip to the south of Sweden (mainly Lund), where we toured around different places. I never expected this region to be so beautiful and different from what I am used to see […]

Snapphanefesten – By Rhianna

One of the benefits about being active at the nation is that you get to meet students from other Universities that are connected to your nation through ‘friendships’. Every nation in Uppsala has ties with a select set of ‘friendship-nations’ around the world and travel there for specific celebrations or festivals. It’s easy to forget […]

My first taste of Swedish Football – By Arindam

‘What a great day for football, all we need is some green grass and a ball’ The above quote by the legendary Bill Shankly perfectly summarizes the emotions of a hardcore football fan in Sweden. Though getting a football (the real one which is not played using hands) anytime in the year is never a […]

Getting Around Uppsala – By Lauren

Unless you wish to spend the whole semester in your student corridor, you will need to familiarize yourself with your transportation options in Uppsala. The city center is relatively walkable and easy to navigate but other places are less realistic to reach by foot. Cycling is likely the most popular form of student transportation. An […]

Chasing the Northern Lights – By Kanishk

Aurora Borealis is Latin for “The dawn of the north”. Aurora was a Roman goddess of dawn and Borealis in Greek means the north wind. Moving out from your home to another country is such an enriching experience. You get to know about different types of cultures, food, diversity and scenic beauty. So to begin […]