72 km away from Uppsala we have the Capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Stockholm is one of my favorite cities in the world and if you have a free day and you would like to explore it, I’ll give you options for what to do in a day in Stockholm. 

I like to think of Stockholm as 3 different main areas, the touristic, fancy and the cool area. Gamla Stan is the most touristic part of the city with attractions like the Nobel Museum and all the historical buildings where you can take a picture in the iconic houses you will see in most of the gift shops around.  Then there’s Östermalm which is known to be the fanciest part of the city, for all its beautiful architecture, museums, fancy restaurants, stores and bars. My favorite area is Sodermalm, in the south part of central Stockholm we have Södermalm. Söder is the “hipster” side of Stockholm, where you can find lots of cool vintage shops, cafes and beautiful views of the city.

Stortorget, Gamla Stan Stockholm

So, here’s the plan:


Option 1

You can take the pendeltåg which takes ~50 min and costs around 60 sek, here you need to buy two tickets on from the UL app costing 27 and one of the SL app that costs 25 (both prices for students, you get this discount using the Mecenat app)

Option 2

Take one of the trains either SJ or Mälartåg, this costs around 70-100 sek, check the hours on the SJ app or the Mälartåg app.

You leave Uppsala after breakfast; you take the train and you arrive at T-Centralen.

Now you could go for a beautiful walk to one of my favorite buildings, Stadshuset (the city hall) and then cross to Sodermalm by walking and see the water and the beautiful views.  Then you can go to one of my favorite restaurants Bruno’s Korvar or if you want something lighter you can grab some fika!.

Fika a Vete-Katten, Stockholm

In Sodermalm you can explore the thrift shops and go to the beautiful views of the city.

View from Mariaberget, Sodermalm

After this you can take a break and enjoy an Ice Cream at Stikkinikky. Walking around Södermalm and exploring this area is one of my favorite things, so just enjoy the city, especially now that the weather is really nice.

Stinkinikky, Sodermalm

Then you could explore some museums, go to Slussen and take one of the boats that take you to Djurgården where all the museums are located. 

My recommendations of museums are:

  • Nationalmuseum
  • Moderna Museet (Free admission to Moderna Museet every Friday evening)
  • Vasa
  • Nordiska
  • Fotografiska

After that, I bet you will be tired, so it’s time to go back to Uppsala. Hope you enjoyed this day in Stockholm.