Month: March 2017

From tropical to Sweden By Mayra Rulli

What is the first thing that you think when you have always experienced a warm and nice weather and are thinking in applying to study in Sweden for example? I don’t know about you, but the first thing that came to my mind was ‘how will I survive the cold’? Do not get me wrong, […]

TIME TRAVEL IS REAL! By Jackson Kinyanjui

Yes! The time machine has not been invented yet, but according to my experience in Sweden I will definitely prove this fact wrong. My name is Jackson Kinyanjui a guy with a humble background from Kenya, a country in Africa, where the sun never sets and the animals run free in the wild. They say […]

Where we are in the application process?

This is an exciting and anxious time for those of you who have made an application to Uppsala University, as well as other universities in Sweden and around the world. On 24 March, the first notification of selection results were published. Uppsala University received over 16 000 applications from 174 different countries around the world, so […]

My admission anniversary by Lucie Kulhankova

From the day in late August when I came to Uppsala until today I had a lot of “small” anniversaries. A year since I finished my bachelor studies, half a year in Sweden, three months since the last time I spoke to someone in my native language…This week I am having a different kind of […]