TIME TRAVEL IS REAL! By Jackson Kinyanjui

Yes! The time machine has not been invented yet, but according to my experience in Sweden I will definitely prove this fact wrong. My name is Jackson Kinyanjui a guy with a humble background from Kenya, a country in Africa, where the sun never sets and the animals run free in the wild.

They say if wishes were horses then everyone could be riding one, this horse came riding to me on July 2016 when I received an email confirming my scholarship to come study in Sweden. In my wildest dreams I could not see myself stepping out of Kenya. I jumped up and down in joy not giving a bother if anyone was looking at me. I prepared for the journey but nothing had prepared me for what I was going to expect in Sweden.

I felt like a newborn child experiencing everything for the first time, boarding an airplane, seeing snow, using the washing machines, ovens and many more. I waved to my family as I boarded the airplane so happy I was I took pictures with the flight attendants. Finally, I stepped into Sweden. I have never seen many WAZUNGUS (white people) as we call them in Swahili at one seating I thought to myself. This felt awkward, but then I tried to smile to them and some did smile back since I was taught the easiest way to connect with a person is through a smile.

This was a time travel into the future seeing new innovations at work. The bio fueled buses… internet and Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere… constant power supply… and electric appliance at arm’s reach. Yes! I believed I had travel into the future. This was all good but a bit of me missed the African food and I remembered I had carried some corn flour from home. I went into the kitchen and made a home meal away from home known as UGALI. I invited my Swedish flat mates to come and eat and they enjoyed the meal.

After a few months’ winter started and snow fell and afternoons turned into night time. This was the last proof I need to put the last nail on the coffin that time travel is real. It was my first time seeing snow, so I went outside and like a kid in a candy store I played with the snow. This surely was and will be the best time travel experience I got.





  1. Miss Roberts

    That is amzing and i cant wait for the same experience too. Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to meet you when i ride my horse too lol

    • Jackson

      So happy for you…make sure once you reach here ..make every minute count…enjoy ..

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