Month: April 2017

Raft Building – The week before Valborg! By Mayra Rulli

Uppsala hosts many events during the year but Valborg is extra special for all students. In this magnificent event, there are numerous activities to do and watch, being Forsränningen (River Rafting) one of the most expected ones either for does active in the raft run or for the spectator. Firstly, it is not really easy […]

Valborg, a quintessential Uppsala student tradition

If you have started looking into student life in Uppsala you have probably heard of two things, the student nations, and Valborg. Held on 30 April every year, Valborg or “sista april” (last of April) is without a doubt the biggest annual event in Uppsala. On this day, tens of thousands of people from around […]

How I learned how to be a normal human again. – By Su Fang

Here’s what normal humans do: they can go to the grocery store, cook their own food, exercise, socialize, sleep, and not be constantly stressed while doing all those things. I really hadn’t realized just how stressed I was at my home university until I came here and found myself thinking, “Wow, I have time to […]

A vegetarian in Sweden – By Mayra Rulli

‘Special’ diets are usually a big issue in many places when, but not only, we want to eat out, right? For instance, in my home country (Brazil) there is a strong culture of a necessity to eat meat in preferably every meal. Therefore, it can be extremely annoying when you go to a restaurant there […]

Exploring the University’s Libraries – By Gabrielle Ingenthron

I love books. Ergo, I love libraries. So naturally, I didn’t stand a chance the very first time I went to study in one of the campus libraries. My fingers were itching to grab at every title I saw and carefully turn the pages of the most delicate books I could find. You know those […]

Five Swedish Food Related Holidays – By Michelle Ochsner

Swedes love their food. From eating candy, or godis, every Saturday to an entire day dedicated to eating waffles. There seems to be a special calendar day or event for consuming any kind of food or pastry in Sweden, and on those days the cafes are packed for extra special fikas, and being together with […]

I never thought I would… By Lucie Kulhankova

I do not know if you heard, but it is official spring here in Uppsala. We have first blooming flowers, sunshine and I even met a hare on my way to school today. Spring means we are spending a lot more time outside. Last week I was sitting with my friends after a long a […]

Uppsala: The right choice. By Arindam

I had mixed feelings about travelling to Uppsala to what would be my first trip outside India. I was excited to explore a new place with a totally different culture. At the same time I was also apprehensive of leaving my comfort zone. Eight months into my Swedish adventure and the thought process has completely […]

How I Chose My Nation (And So Can You!) By Erika Loggin

My first two weeks in Uppsala were packed with orientation activities, walking tours and meeting new people. And every day, I was asked at least a dozen times, “What nation have you joined?” Here’s a bit of information so you don’t just stare blankly and shrug like I did: Uppsala has 13 student nations named […]

How to: Lose your house keys and bond with Swedes. By Michelle Ochsner

If you were anything like me you’d love to believe you’re always super organized, and something as silly as losing house keys would surely never happen to you. Still no matter how many times your friends tease you for the amount of times you check your backpack, to see if your wallet hasn’t suddenly disappeared […]