Where we are in the application process?

This is an exciting and anxious time for those of you who have made an application to Uppsala University, as well as other universities in Sweden and around the world. On 24 March, the first notification of selection results were published. Uppsala University received over 16 000 applications from 174 different countries around the world, so the competition was fierce. To those of you who were admitted to a Master’s programme at Uppsala University, congratulations! We look forward to welcoming you to Uppsala and Gotland in the autumn. Some of you may have been placed on the reserve list and I will talk a little more about what this means in a moment. Unfortunately, there will also be those of you who were not admitted to a programme. There are two reasons that this may have happened. Either you did not meet the general or programme specific entry requirements, or you did not submit a complete application on time. We hope that, whatever the reason, you will consider applying to Uppsala University again in the future!

It is also important to mention that scholarship results from Uppsala University were also sent out to students on 24 March. This year we received over 2000 scholarship applications. A big congratulations if you were one of the lucky students who received a scholarship covering the full cost of tuition! During this time we usually receive a lot of questions from students about scholarships, and whether it is possible to apply for more. Unfortunately the application and selection process for scholarships covering the full cost of tuition is now complete, and no more will become available during this application and admission period.

If you were admitted to a Master’s programme, you have until 12 April to reply to your offer. Accepting your offer is non-binding, and you will be able to change your mind at a later date if you are unable to come. Therefore, if you are uncertain about whether or not you will be able to commence your studies at Uppsala University later this year, and wish to keep your options open, we urge you to say yes! However, if you already know that you will not be able to come then you should decline your offer. This means that your place in the programme can then be offered to one of our students on the reserve list. You reply to your offer by logging into your account at www.universityadmissions.se. If you do not accept your offer by 12 April, your place in the programme will be given to another student. It is therefore very important that you say yes!

If you have been conditionally admitted to a Master’s programme, this means one of two things. Either you are a student in your final year of Bachelor’s studies, and have been admitted on the condition that you are awarded your Bachelor’s degree qualification in time for the start of the Master’s programme. Or, you are a fee-paying student, and have been admitted on the condition that you pay your first tuition installment before commencing your studies at Uppsala University. Both of these things might also apply to you!

Many of you will have been placed on the reserve list, and we understand that this is a very frustrating and nerve-wracking experience. It basically means that you have been deemed eligible for the programme, but because there were more students who applied to the programme than there are places available, and the admissions officers had to select students based on academic merit. For many of you, there is still a good chance of being admitted! Admitted students have until 12 April to reply to their offers. If a student declines their offer, the place will then be offered to a student on the reserve list. You will have been given a reserve number, and this reflects where you are on the reserve list. If you are reserve 1, this means that you are the next in line to be admitted. If you are reserve 50 or 100, there are unfortunately quite a few students ahead of you. The most trying thing about being on the reserve list is that we are unable to guarantee if or when you will be offered a place in the programme, even if you are reserve 1. We wish all of you the best of luck!

The second notification of selection results will be sent out on 21 April. This is a new confirmation of admission for all of the students who accepted their offer by 12 April, and for the students on the reserve list who will have been given a place in the programme. If you are still on the reserve list after 21 April, and a place in the programme becomes available for you, you will be contacted directly by the responsible university department with instructions on how to proceed.

Once again, I would like to thank all you for applying to Uppsala University, and congratulate those of you who were successful in your application. Please remember that my colleagues and I are always here to help, and if you have any questions you can send us an email at masterprogrammes@uu.se.

Jorja Zambars, International Office


  1. bargavan

    THANK You for the detailed information. Is it possible to give the breakup figure
    of number of fee paying students got selected country wise and course wise
    for Masters programme, so that it is easy for the students have the option to choose the branch of study

    • jorjaz

      Hi Bargavan, you’re very welcome! Unfortunately we do not have such detailed information about our applicants at this time. If you would like advice or assistance in choosing a course, programme or specialisation, you are welcome to contact the programme coordinators directly. They can also provide you with more insight into the current student body. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Best wishes, Jorja

      • bargavan


        MY son Mr.Sudarsan got selected for Masters Degree in Sino-Swedish Computer Science Programme from India
        for Autumn 2017. I want to know, when the course was started first
        and number of students now studying and how many persons selected this time.
        Originally it seems at least one semester has to be done in China and now it is in Taiwan,the reason for change may also be informed.Employment and furthers
        studies opportunities may also be explored.

  2. Nafisa Sayeed

    Hello Jorja,
    I am Dr. Nafisa Sayeed. I applied for Master’s program for Nuclide Technique and today the result is published. It is saying I am conditionally accepted and I have to pay for the tution fees. I had applied for the SI Scholarship. Is there a minimum chance to get SI or any kind of waver? i had also applied for Uppsala university scholarship. Am i also not eligible for that ? is there any possibility to get waver as it is beyond my capacity to pay for the fees. Kindly reply and let me
    know with whom should I contact for these queries and what happens if decline their offer.

    • ceciliatiscornia

      Hi Nafisa,

      Congratulations on your admission! All applicants for the Uppsala University scholarships received notification on whether or not they have been awarded a scholarship 6 April. For those who were awarded a scholarship, it says so on their admission letter, those who were not awarded a scholarship were notified of this via email. If you submitted and application but did not receive an email on Friday, please contact tuitiongrants@uadm.uu.se. Your tuition fee for autumn semester must be paid by the due date stated on the invoice, regardless of how you finance your studies. The invoices will be sent out within a couple of weeks, and the fee must be payed no later than two weeks after you receive the invoice, which means that your fee must be paid in approximately four weeks. More information about payment of tuition fees can be found at the following link or by contacting feemaster@uu.se: http://www.uu.se/en/admissions/master/fees/prospective-students

      Successful SI scholarship recipients of SISS 2018/2019 will be announced at si.se at 16:00 CEST on 27 April 2018, which means that if you are awarded a scholarship through SI, you will be notified before your tuition payment is due to be received by Uppsala University.

      Best wishes,


    Thank you for sharing , i would like you to explain in detail the selection process from the beginning , i qualified for the program i selected but to complete on ‘ALTERNATIVE SELECTION’ please what does that means ?

    • jorjaz

      Hi, thank you for your question. All students who meet the entry requirements are placed in a selection group and given a merit ranking. Alternative selection is simply the name of the selection group you have been placed in. All applicants in the AU selection group are assessed based on the selection criteria specified on the programme website. If the number of places available in the programme is equal to or more than the number of applicants who meet the selection criteria, then all of those applicants will be offered admission. However, if the number of places available in the programme is less than the number of applicants who meet the selection criteria, then a selection process takes place. Does this help to answer your question? Best wishes, Jorja

      • LILIAN

        Sure ! it does . thank you

  4. Franzi

    Thank you for all the information you are providing.
    I got conditionally admitted to the toxicology master program. I am very excited about that and can´t wait to move to Uppsala. To finally get admitted, i have to submit my bachelor degree. Do you know where and how? I am a bit lost there. Can i just upload my degree at unviversityadmission.se?

    Best wishes,

    • jorjaz

      Hi Franzi! Congratulations on your offer of admission! You should bring your complete transcript of records and your Bachelor’s degree certificate with you to Sweden. You will need to show these documents to your programme coordinator, and this is usually done during the first scheduled class of the semester. We will send you detailed information about this closer to the start of the semester. Best wishes, Jorja

  5. Asghar

    Dear Jorjaz
    I am now in the alternative group for the master’s course in biomedicine at Uppsala University. Would you please inform me how I can realize about the rank I’ve earned among other candidates? I think it is important in case the number of qualified applicants is more than the places offered by the university.
    Thank you

  6. Emma


    I am “conditionally qualified, a document required” for both master’s in biochemistry and biopharmaceuticals but I am in an alternative selection so what does it mean? I am in the last year of my bachelor and I will be graduating in June maybe it’s why I am conditionally qualified?

    Best wishes,

    • madeleinemattsson

      Hi Emma,

      Your application is considered conditionally qualified because you have yet to complete your Bachelor’s degree. If you are admitted, it will be with the condition that you have completed your Bachelor’s degree by the start of the Master’s programme.
      Best wishes, Madeleine

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