What a better way to enjoy Easter break than travelling? From March 28 to April 3, I joined my French friend to a trip to the south of Sweden (mainly Lund), where we toured around different places. I never expected this region to be so beautiful and different from what I am used to see here in Uppsala.

Even the process of getting to Lund felt already like an adventure for me, because we took the night train. I was not even aware that such a thing existed, so we travelled all night long while sleeping (though it wasn’t easy, since the beds were quite hard, the surrounding can be noisy and the train keeps making stops). Nevertheless, I definitely recommend to do it at least once in your life!

We arrived to Lund, and our tour city started from very early in the morning! I was surprised of the weather, because it was cloudy and snowy. What I liked the most about Lund was its historical style. When you walk through the city, you get to see small colorful houses, and the cathedral is impressive. The general environment is calm, the streets are empty sometimes, but the people were always warm and friendly.

The second day we went to Copenhagen, Denmark. We crossed between two countries in one day, in a matter of hours! For me, coming from such a big country, the mere idea seems just impossible. Again, I was impressed by the peace you could feel in the touristic zone, even though there was lots of people. We enjoyed a typical fish plate and ice cream by Nyhavn canal, we visited Frederik’s church and Kastellet fortress, and we walked by the port looking for The Little Mermaid!

The third day we continued our explorations around Lund. In the morning, we visited Kulturen museum, which mainly depicts the history of Sweden. You can find relics such as paintings, furniture, toys, clothes and even representations of different houses with many different styles, so you can see how the architecture evolved. Later that day, we went to a sauna in Bjärred, a nearby town. There you can appreciate the view of the sea (you can even see the Øresund bridge raising far away) while inside the sauna, and then you can dive in the ice-cold water.

The fourth day we visited Malmö. We walked around and visited an art museum. In general, I regard this city as very artistic, because you can see street art and many statues in parks or squares. The weirdest I saw was a bridge full of different sorts of shoes (that belonged to famous people from Malmö) made of bronze, all pointing to different parts of the city. Also, the art inside Sank Petri cathedral was impressive.

The fifth day we did a long hike and a picnic in Kullaberg. The weather was awesome and the view of the sea from the top of the cliff was simply beautiful, it felt like as if I was inside of a painting. I highly recommend this experience! Some advices I could give you is get the right shoes (since the walk take hours), pack a lot of food and water and take into consideration that you will rarely find bathrooms available!

The sixth (and last) day we went to Helsingborg, unaware that we would find most of the important places of the city under construction! Also, due to bad weather and little time, we could not take the ferry to Helsingør, in Denmark. Nevertheless, we just laugh about this unexpected turn of events, and walked around the city. Again, I find it weird how easy it is to move from one country to another here in Europe.

Definitely a trip to remember, full of new and crazy experiences. If you ever get the chance to visit any of these places, I can guarantee you will love them! The advantage is that once you are in Uppsala, travelling around Sweden is easy since there are many transportation services always available, and you can find cheap prices. Also, Uppsala’s location allow you to reach other places in a fairly short time. So if you are an coming to study here, don’t waste this opportunity!