Hiking the Upplandsleden – By Lauren

One fun activity to do in Sweden is go hiking. Recently, my student nation organized a trip to hike part of the Upplandsleden. The Upplandsleden is a trail that goes all over the Upplands province. We hiked the first section of the trail, a ten-kilometer stretch from Sunnersta to Moralund. It was a fun way to meet new people and enjoy the beautiful Swedish scenery.

I did not know what kind of landscapes to expect in Sweden once the snow melted, but in general I have been very impressed. The ground is dense and mossy, and the grass is much greener than back home in Texas. Braving a cold and dark January here was worth it for such a lovely and mild May!

Our group departed for Sunnersta at around 10:20 in the morning by city bus. We arrived in Sunnersta within a half hour. We took generous breaks along our hike and reached the Moralund bus station by 3 in the afternoon, making sure to budget our time because the county bus back to Uppsala only comes once an hour. We returned to Uppsala central station at about 3:45.

I was not sure if I had such a long day of hiking in me because I was up late the night before working in my nation’s restaurant. I’m so thankful I decided to join the hike! It was a perfect sunny day and the forest was absolutely teeming with plant life. We took our lunch in a nice clearing and shared coffee and Gifflar, a staple Swedish snack for hikes and picnics. Swedes love cinnamon buns, so it only makes sense they have a portable variety! The hike attracted a lot of international students, so we reflected together on our time in Uppsala.

I had so much fun on the hiking excursion and hope more people take advantage of this beautiful trail! Anyone wishing to hike the Upplandsleden should be sure to research their path beforehand and plan how they will get there and return. The terrain is not too challenging; I am a very inexperienced hiker, but I easily kept up with the group. That said, hiking boots and comfortable clothing are a must to navigate over and around boulders, tree roots, and patches of mud. Trails are well marked with painted trees every few meters and lots of signage. Those who want a more extended hiking trip can stay overnight in one of the rest cabins along the trail. These are available to the public along with fire pits, wind shelters, and water pumps. More information can be found here. The Upplandsleden also has a mobile app, but it is only available in Swedish.

As we say in Texas, happy trails!


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    That’s great to hear about Sweden great job lauren

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