Where to fika in Campus Gotland?
I am a student at Uppsala University’s Campus Gotland and currently putting the finishing touches to my master thesis together with my partner. Of course, this year living in Gotland hasn’t just been about writing essays but to me a huge part has been about the lasting friendships formed. One great way to do this is to have fika! It’s a favourite Swedish tradition of mine where you can sip on a coffee and munch into a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) and let the hours pass! Especially taking advantage of påtår (free refills) of strong Swedish coffee.

There are plenty of places in Uppsala where students like to hang out for hours on end irritating the locals and staff for buying one cup of coffee and then draining the wifi, but being a student of Campus Gotland, it’s Visby where I’m based that I’m going to recommend for a fika.

Gotland is also a big tourist destination so if you’re a student at the main campus, do try and make the journey out to the largest island in the Baltic sea, you won’t be disappointed. Unless you’re looking for a thriving metropolis, then you’ll be bitterly disappointed.

Okay enough chit chat, let’s get to it. Where to have fika if you’re a student of Campus Gotland?

1. Fiket – If you’re looking for a cosy catch-up with friends

This is a lovely dimly lit café which has been a regular spot for locals for years with their nice vibes and tasty affordable lunch buffet.
Tip; Grab a couch upstairs and get cosy!

2. Hedbergs

Excellent selection of vegetarian treats and lunches with live music on Saturdays during the year.
Tip; Mind your head as you crawl into the cave beneath!

3. H10 – Get work done

A hip chic concept store come café combining Scandi aesthetic with local flavours in a bright setting.
Tip; Try the chocolate Visby cake for a decadent taste of the city.

4. Ka:feit

Friendly staff in a relaxed urban setting with big couches.

Tip; Grab a seat on the terrace and spend an afternoon people watching while it’s still warm out (they pack up the terrace as do most places, during the low season)

5. Brödboden Södertorg & Hunnelund

Tucked in just by the South Gate, this cute bakery will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Tip; Try their giant Semlor (a Semla is a typical Nordic cream filled pastry especially popular on Shrove Tuesday)

6. Leva Kungslador – Day trips

Approximately a 30-minute walk from the city walls this café is a beautiful spot to hang around on a nice day followed by a walk in the Södra Hällarna nature reserve.

Tip; Splurge on their Sunday brunch option for a great spread of delights.

7. Själsö Bageri

Beg/borrow/steal a bike and embark on the approx. 45-minute cycle to this bakery overlooking the sea. Failing this, head to the east gate of Visby’s city walls on the weekends where they have a van selling their freshly baked goods.

Tip; You have to try their kardemummabullar (cardamom buns) which are covered in the most tantalising glaze and the cardamom gives it a special kick.

BONUS: *Sylvis Döttrar Hembageri*

Of course, the local Gotlanders wouldn’t be one bit happy if I did a blog post about café’s in Gotland and failed to mention anything beyond the Visby area. In truth, the island has so much more than just Visby but seeing it is quite the challenge without a car (you don’t want to rely on public transport). If you make it up to the island famous for Raukar (rock stack formations) and a distinct culture where greats like Ingrid Bergman went to unwind, enjoy a well-earned Fårö specialty, saffranskaka (Saffron cake) after the journey.

Unna dig en fika!  – Treat yo’self!’

N.B. Make sure you do your research ahead of any trips as a lot of restaurants/café’s take long breaks during the low season. A note on the price, in general Sweden is quite expensive compared with most European countries, the above cafés are all similarly priced so about 40 Kronor for a coffee and 30-60 kronor for a treat.