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“DID I DO THAT?” Oops! – By Fifi

Growing up, one of my weekend rituals was to sit in front of the television to watch Steve Urkel in ABC/CBS sitcom, Family Matters. Frankly, when Steve entered my home, his clumsiness and misfortune were both unrealistic and humorous. I would synchronize with Quincy (His middle name) and ‘say- along’ his catch phrases: “I’ve fallen, […]

Dress Codes for Gasques – By Rhianna Rees

I previously wrote a blog for my first gasque, but one question new students always seem to have when they reach Uppsala is “What is a Kavaj dress-code?”. As gasques and dress-codes are such a large part of Uppsala’s traditions and culture, here’s a short guide for what to wear. You may have already seen […]

House of Cards – By Arindam

Usage of a unique card for a particular activity has made sure that my card wallet remains a very crowded place. Bunch of keys have become a bunch of cards. Just like a key, each card has its own functionality and we are forced to depend on them for almost every single move we make. […]

Skating on a frozen lake – By Adrianna Pakula

Maybe you heard about it or maybe you seen it in a film, but you probably still kinda don’t believe that it’s actually a thing. If you don’t have it on your bucket list, by the end of this post it will appear there. Yes, I’m writing about skating on a frozen lake! I’m pretty […]

Uppsala University is Europe’s 7th most beautiful university

Uppsala University was last week named Europe’s seventh most beautiful university when Times Higher Education listed the ten most beautiful universities in Europe: University of Bologna, Italy University of Salamanca, Spain University of Coimbra, Portugal University of Rostock, Germany Aarhus University, Denmark Gdansk University of Technology, Poland Uppsala University, Sweden Grenoble Alpes University, France Trinity […]

What does Sweden mean to me? – By Karolína Lorenzová

I remember the day I arrived in Sweden. The very first thing that amazed was the stunning sunrise in Malmö right next to the Öresund bridge. After I began my day in Malmö I started moving towards the coast to take a ferry from Oskarshamn to Visby. I could see a beautiful nature, never-ending forests […]

Being a Clubworker – By Rhianna Rees

Cleaning days, cooking food, bar work, late nights, serving dishes, washing up. All unpaid, all mandatory, altogether. The life of a clubworker is not glamorous, it’s not flashy or prestigious, it’s not for everyone. But what it is – is a rewarding and incredibly fun collective experience. The people you work with become your best […]

Life in the Baltic Island of Gotland – By Daniel Kelly

When I told people that I was coming to Sweden to pursue a master’s degree, I got 2 questions; Why Sweden? Why Gotland? Sweden can be answered simply enough, with beautiful people, great universities and everyone able to speak English! Plus studying Sustainable Management, Sweden has green policies galore such as journeying towards fossil fuel […]

Welcoming the Swedish Winters – By Kanishk Kumar

Coming from the part of the world where it gets close to 45°C in summers and 12°C in winters, this past month was a bit annoying at first but then I experienced snowfall for the first time in my life and I fell in love. Darkness is engulfing the country as we approach this time […]

Supermarkets: Where To Go – By Adolfo Canales

Hello again everyone, this time I wanna talk to you about one of the common things here in Uppsala if you are a foreign student, doing grocery. There is a big debate about which supermarket have the best prices, and of corse when you are an international student you try to save as much money […]

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