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Mamma Sverige – By Fleur

Dear parent, Having your kid leave home and moving north, all the way to Sweden. For most parents: a huge step. Your child has most likely never been so far away, for so long, on its own. Now who will take care of him/her? No worries, once landed in Sweden, your child will get a […]

What to do when you’re homesick – By Yen

Sweden is absolutely a nice country to live and study – being so organized and peaceful, having well-preserved beautiful nature and pursuing an awe-inspiring sustainable living system. But it also means that Sweden is totally different from Vietnam – my home country. The tranquility in Uppsala reminds me of a busy, messy, crazy, crowded city – […]

Swenglish – By Layla Koch

Swedes are, undoubtedly, very good at English. In fact, Sweden is the fourth best country worldwide in terms of non-native English skills following Norway, the Netherlands, and Denmark according to Education First. However, to err is human, even among Nordic countries. The funny mistakes Swedish native speakers make in English have coined the term ‘Swenglish’ […]

The first weeks at Uppsala University: Diving into the student life – By Anne

Coming to a new place where you do not know anybody or anything can be hard. You have to adjust to a new town, you have to organize so many things (Hello campuscard!) and maybe you experience language problems. But these first weeks are so exciting as well, filled with new people and thousands of […]

Learning Swedish the hard way: blundering at Flying Tiger – By Fleur

Learning Swedish must be the most common resolution among international students. However, like any language, Swedish comes with a wide range of possibilities to make mistakes. Blundering your way through learning  a new language may be very awkward, but it might also be the most efficient way to learn. Not only because you will forever […]

Uppsala Nations: Introduction and Finding the Right Fit

Introduction and short history – By Erik Skogh, edited by Rhianna Rees You’ve arrived in Sweden’s fourth largest City, home to the tallest church building in Scandinavia and thousands of students. There’s a lot for you to get acquainted with, and quickly. You have perhaps signed up for basic Swedish courses – you may discover […]

Welcome to Uppsala – By Alexandra Cochrane

Hej hej! Some of you might be reading this before you come to study in Uppsala on exchange or for your masters degree and we on the International Committee (the IK) can’t wait to welcome the thousands of international students that will arrive. The IK is made up from representatives (International Secretaries) from all 13 […]

My Guide to Travelling from Uppsala – By Audra

When not studying and exploring Uppsala, I spend my exchange year travelling. Between the time I arrived in Uppsala and when I leave, I will have visited a total of 18 countries. I’ll share some of my experiences and tips with you. Here are some pictures I have taken on my travels!       […]

Escape Room and Farewell! – By Adolfo

Hello again everyone, it has been a while since the last time we talked, my bad, but the semester before graduation is always crazy, but happy to be here with you again! This time I will share to you a pretty nice activity that you might try when you are in Uppsala; Quezzle, an escape […]

Seven Spots for Fika on Gotland – Daniel

Where to fika in Campus Gotland? I am a student at Uppsala University’s Campus Gotland and currently putting the finishing touches to my master thesis together with my partner. Of course, this year living in Gotland hasn’t just been about writing essays but to me a huge part has been about the lasting friendships formed. […]

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