Internships at Uppsala – By Margaret

Welcome to all new students and the returning students as well. This year has been unusual as a lot of classes are now being done online including orientation for new students, but the good news is that 2020 is fast going away and we hope things continue to improve. For those following the TaggedforUppsala Instagram […]

Choosing Your Nation – By Camille Cabrolier

A new semester approaches, you already received your acceptance letter and while you are preparing the last (big) details before moving to Uppsala, you might be wondering which Student Nation you should choose and why you should even bother going, why they are so special, so let me share with you some tips and information […]

The Online Challenge – By Margaret Aligbe

2020 has not been the best year, from Australian bush fires, trade wars and then coronavirus pandemic. What started like just another outbreak became bigger than what anyone would have imagined. It was not just another flu, another hoax, it remains a global challenge affecting our lives and every sector of the economy. Who ever […]

A Crash Course in Bandy – By Simarjit

“Bandy is a team winter sport played on ice, in which skaters use sticks to direct a ball into the opposing team’s goal.” This has to be the most cliched way to start a post. Unfortunately, considering how I and many others who might be reading this post are not familiar with this word, I […]

Nigerian Foodie in Uppsala – By Margaret

In Nigeria, we refer to newcomers as “JJC” which means Johnny Just Come. That was me in Uppsala last August when I first arrived after 2 years of consistently Uppsala dreaming. Let me quickly say Uppsala continues to surprise me; it was everything I had imagined and more. Like life, a great part of your […]

Why Uppsala, Why Sweden? – By Shashini

When I chose Uppsala University for my master’s studies, “Why?” became the most general question asked by everyone around me at the time. Why Sweden? Why Uppsala? Why not somewhere else? … With all these questions I actually started questioning myself about what lead me to take the decision. So here are the main answers […]

When the sky explode above you! – By Manish

Hello Everyone, I am Manish and this is my first blog as #taggedforuppsala blogger. I have been a blogger for a year now, I usually post on Instagram, but I stayed away from the blog page (I don’t know why!). And if you are following us on Instagram you might find me posting more about […]

The UF Debate Club: more than a debate club

One of the things that I have never imagined when I came to Uppsala was to be involved again in a debate club. I do love debate. In fact, I was doing it for four years in Córdoba, my hometown, with CDU (for Germans, is not related to Angela Merkel´s party) , and there I […]

Masters in Sustainable Development: What to Expect: Very Personal Review – By Müge Kayra

First, I have to warn you about this; this is a super personal review about the SD Masters Programme and if you are reading this before you come here I just want you to know that this is only one person’s point of view and we are almost 60-70 people in the course. As an […]

Madrid – Uppsala journey – By María

Hello! I guess most of us start writing about life in Uppsala on our first blog, which might seem a bit boring, but as an incoming student I wish I could have read more of these from different people, everyone experiences studying abroad in his/her own way, so here goes mine! I had one of […]

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