On my way to Uppsala – Kanishk Kumar

How I ended up with the decision to pursue my Masters:
It was during my last year of undergraduate studies in 2016 that I decided it was time, time to decide what I want to do in future and as a teenager its not at all easy. Indian families and parents have very high expectations about their children’s education and careers. My father never forced me into anything but I knew he had high hopes from me. It was a very difficult time for me. Finally after a lot of thought, I finally decided that I would like to work in the field of Renewable Energy in the future. So in order to do that, I needed to upgrade and enhance my knowledge, my know-how.

Why Uppsala University?
The next task on the list was to decide on the country I would like to study in and looking for support on my work field in the future. The quest of seeking the perfect place for my Masters ended when I read the news that Sweden’s government want Sweden to be the first fossil fuel-free country in the world. I went through the list of top universities in Sweden and found Uppsala University. Not only that but my friend’s grandfather studied from Uppsala University and he assured me that it would be a great place. “Good Education is important but Experience and Exposure matters more. It’s how you learn LIFE.”

Destination Sweden Seminar:
It was like a dream come true when I received my acceptance letter on 22nd of March 2017. Soon I was invited to “Destination Sweden” at the Embassy of Sweden.
Many of my friends have gone for their masters abroad but this “Personal Touch” through the interaction with the representatives of Uppsala University which I got, worked like a charm and each and every question and query on my mind when I reached for the seminar were acknowledged and answered in the best way possible. All thanks to Lina and Hannah for travelling out here all the way from Sweden.

Residence Permit Application Process:
It was the most seamless and easy visa process I have ever known.
1. Fill the application form online.
2. Attach the necessary documents.
3. Pay the application fees.
4. Go to the embassy on the given timings and get done with your biometrics.
5. Wait.
After about one and a half month, I received my Residence Permit Card.

Welcome Kit:

Its the small things and the gestures that make all the difference. A Welcome letter, Uppsala Map, Student guide and the most important thing, The Bumper Sticker. Being a collector of bumper stickers, you guys had me right at that very moment. Cheers.

What am I doing now?
To be very frank, there is a lot to do for preparing to move to Sweden. Researching about the local customs, learning Swedish(Duolingo for now), various cities and places nearby, some laws that I am not yet accustomed to, talking to people who are already there for their valuable experience and tips. Visiting the doctor will be next as we’ll need to carry prescription for the medicines we are taking with us. Shopping is sometimes fun and sometimes a really tedious task.

There are some things that I think we all should carry:
1. Electronics: Lan Wire, Wi-Fi Router, Travel Adapters(the power outlet switchs in Sweden might
be different from where we are from)
2. Medicines: Some general medicines, First Aid kit and Vitamins.
3. Spices, Pickels,etc
4. Basic Stationary stuff
5. Utensils: Cooker(Must for all the Indian subcontinent students), some spare gaskets
5. Clothing: Winter clothing is something that we should buy in Sweden, formal clothing, formal
shoes, Towel, small sewing kit and a traditional wear for the occasion.
6. Basic Tool kit

I think that will be all.

My plans for future:
I am a clean energy visionary for the better future. In the future, I would like to work on an off-grid local Renewable Energy plant. It will help me with my goal of a clean future. Maybe even a Ph.D. but who knows where I will be after 2 years but one thing is for sure, I will be working in a multinational company or an Energy Consultancy that works on this path. But for now I am eagerly waiting to travel to Sweden on 18th August. A month seems like a lifetime of wait.

See you all soon. Signing off.


  1. Deepankar

    Great going bro. Keep up.

    • Kanishk Kumar

      Thank you deepankar.

  2. Bivash Talukdar

    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    It’s very informative.
    A good friend of mine is going to Uppsala University I’ll definitely recommend him to go thorough your post.

    • Kanishk Kumar

      I am glad you found it useful Bivash and I would be happy to help your friend, you can ask him to contact me anytime.
      Here is my email: kanishk045@gmail.com

  3. Arathy

    i am also from India.waiting with so many dreams. This post will be very helpful once i get admiited. trying next autumn fall for admission.

    • Kanishk Kumar

      Hi Arathy,
      All the best for your application.
      If you need any help, drop a mail to: kanishk045@gmail.com

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