Innovation, a new method, idea, product et. I found the definition in the Webster Dictionary, don’t be fixated by such serious explanation. In my dictionary, innovation is more fun to embrace with. Last year, when I decided to participate the EIT health innovation day, it is more curiosity to learn, to exchange way of thinkings, to learn from each other. To pave this grounded mind-set, I was ready to go.

The entire day was full of brainstorming and fast prototyping method all at one shot. It is almost impossible to find a totally novel method nowaday at any existing product/services in any industries. The beginning of the innovation process, the tutor will hand out a set of tools, which is called innovation process, to guide innovators to define ‘what is the problem’, once it is defined, we are as solution providers have to come up with all sorts of solutions, and quantify ‘problem solution fit’, and stress test with arguments why one solution is better than others. It is similar to group discussion at school’s seminars.

The organisers also embedded a sense of reality into this innovation challenge that invited a different social group of people, from refugee, to elder care centre staff, from school teacher to pension takers, which offered us chances to interviewed them, received the genuine information they have been encountered with. This is the highlight of this event, I am fascinated that those words from these social groups seriously explained the social challenges, which for us sometimes staying at the Swedish Ivy League too long, already distance ourselves to the community surrounded by.

With the upcoming Innovation day 2017-2018, the innovators should be encouraged to grab this chance to roll up your sleeve, join and have tons of fun.