What to do on a Sunny Day in Uppsala – By Müge

“Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder!” There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes, Swedes believe (!) . However, Sweden is cold most of the time for us foreigners. So, the weather becomes a quiet important topic in a daily life conversation, even it is usually the most convenient way to fill the awkward silence. In the past few days, it was the trend topic once again, thanks to the surprising temperature rise in the middle of autumn, which is called “Brittsommar” British Summer in Sweden.

 Unfortunately, the sunshine went like the wind and left us with a gloomy (typical?) Swedish weather. Wishing more of these sunny days I want to give some tips that you should keep in mind for the next time ?

1- Go for a walk around Flogsta
Living in Flogsta means many things, but most importantly no need for an alarm at 10 pm and having a small forest as your backyard. The nature right out of your window will make you feel like living in a painting. Having the bright sunlight in this scenery; well… you are lucky!

The view from Flogsta Building 1

There are lots of beautiful places around Flogsta to take a walk or to do your daily exercise. One of them is known for its pretty sunflowers. You can just stop by there and take some pictures. Great to be the cover picture of your Facebook, hah?

2- Explore the beauty of 
Hågadalen Nåsten
Time to celebrate the sun while you are discovering the amazing nature reserve, called Hågadalen Nåsten.

Entrance at Håga Bridge between Flogsta and Eriksberg

Hågadalen Nåsten

The reserve spreads over 17 square kilometres, which is host to lush woodland, flourishing farmlands, gloomy forests, and many more. You can enjoy its diverse and rich nature all day, but never get enough of this wonderful place!

 You can go there with some friends and have a picnic or only fika ! Also, it is a perfect place to relax your mind. Are you overwhelmed by your studies? Do yoga in the peaceful nature of Håga and listen to the silence.

Hågadalen Nåsten

Look at those cuties! I was surprised to see many of them just 15 minutes away from my home. This is the magic of Uppsala, where you can easily feel the city and the nature at the same time. Don’t forget to touch the fur; no worries, they are just friendly ? 

3- Take your bike and do some sightseeing
Uppsala is a picturesque city divided into two parts: the historical old town in the west and the modern town in the east, by the river Fyris (Fyrisån). There are so many activities to do in Uppsala. However, walking along the river to feed the ducks is my favorite when the sun shines brightly. You can also sit by the river and enjoy your fika (yes, anywhere-anytime basically). Don’t be surprised if you see some Swedes, who take a sunbath ? (I saw some of them even in University’s garden)

Fyrisån River-Uppsala



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