Time flies. I have already been in Uppsala for eight weeks! Summer turned into autumn – and what an autumn it’s been so far! If you are living in Uppsala, you know what I am talking about. Otherwise, just look at those pictures in the header… 

There is only one problem. And it is not just me. No, everywhere you go, you will hear the same conversation.

– Hej! How are you?
– Oh, I’m so tired (trött, an important Swedish word).
Where does this seemingly chronic fatigue come from? I believe it is the dwindling daylight that affects me, even though we have had so many sunny days. And to be honest, it bothers me a lot! But I try to battle it as good as possible, with my secret weapon: outdoor activities. Which also has the upside of me being able to discover Uppsala. Such a great coincidence that there is a nature reserve (Hågadalen-Nästen) just behind my building in Flogsta! And another one only 10 km away!

One thing I like a lot about Swedes is their affinity to outdoor activities. If you are in a Swedish forest in autumn, you will meet a lot of people picking mushrooms (plocka svamp). They love those yellow mushrooms named kantareller. Many Swedes have special spots in the forest where they will go every year and pick mushrooms. Most of them wouldn’t even tell their best friends about their secret mushroom spots! That’s how crazy they are about mushroom hunting season!

So, if you’re chronically tired – try to be like a Swede! Go hiking, running, fika outside or pick mushrooms as long as it is possible. The snow will come soon enough…

* Please be careful when picking mushrooms and never take any that you are not 100% sure about. You could also look at this website.

/Anne Kristin Kästner